Price of E-Test To Be Reduced

The current cost for an e-test is $35

The current cost for an e-test is $35

The current cost for an e-test is $35
Posted by Heather on June 12, 2013.


The exact date for the reduction has not yet been announced, but according to Jim Bradley, Environment Minister, the cost for emissions tests will soon come down in price.  For more than ten years, the cost of an e-test has remained constant at thirty-five dollars.

The Drive Clean program was meant to become neutral in revenue after the costly initial start-up fees were paid for.  It took more than a decade, but the program is now at a point where it is no longer functioning in a deficit.  As a result, fees must come down or the Drive Clean program might be considered an illegal tax.

According to the Government of Ontario’s website - – “The Drive Clean program improves air quality and protects people’s health. Emission technologies in vehicles, even newer ones, can deteriorate over time. Vehicle emissions are responsible for more than 18 per cent of smog-causing pollution created in Ontario, despite today’s cleaner vehicles and fuels.”

The site goes on to state that, “Drive Clean reduces smog-causing emissions by an annual average of 36 per cent. In 2010, the program kept about 35,000 tonnes of smog-causing pollutants out of our air.”

While many critics have had a problem with the Drive Clean program from day one, Bradley has stood by the program and has been quoted listing its benefits numerous times.  The issue now is that the program was never meant to make a profit, and therefore needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Stay tuned for information regarding a decrease in the cost of an e-test.  In the meantime, if your car is due for an e-test, important information can be found at -

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